Here you can find useful information about your study programme, useful links and the latest news about lectures, colloquia, etc. Please notice that the English version of the Biology website focuses just on the modules that are held in English, which applies to only some modules of the Master of Science degree programme.

The Biology Department at Kiel University offers four degree programmes in Biology (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science/Arts, Master of Education, Master of Science), amongst which only the Master of Science in Biology is available in English.


In the Master of Science in Biology degree programme, students specialize in one or two elective disciplines such as Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution, Physiology & Developmental Biology, Genetics & Microbiology, or in Cell Biology. In the many optional modules students develop their technical and experimental skills and account for their professional qualifications. When completing their master thesis, students will work on individual research questions as well as working in research groups.


Foto: Jürgen Haacks/Uni Kiel