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Master thesis

Your master thesis should be an independently performed research project supervised by an expert in the relevant field. It is possible to perform your Master project in any of the below listed research groups involved in the MAMBE curriculum:

You have to register for your master thesis at the examination office at the Biology Center. This is possible as soon as you obtained 80 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. After registration, you have a maximum of six months to collect data for your Master project and to write up your thesis. Upon completion, you have to submit two printed copies and one electronical copy (CD, DVD, or USB stick) of your thesis to the examination office. Should you need more time for completing your thesis, you can apply for an extension of maximally two months. Please check the Master's thesis module description and the exam regulations for more information.

We recommend to follow the advices for your Master thesis that we summarized here.

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