Sektion Biologie

How to apply for elective courses and register for exams?

Please read the info we have collected here for you in order to register for an exam.

To apply for elective MAMBE courses, you have to register your choice online. Please click here and log in with your student account (stu-Nummer and your password). After the successful login you should see this:

LSF start page

Click on "Courses" to select "Course Overview":

Course Overview

Please navigate to "Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät" by clickicking on it. Afterwards you see a list of some departments. Elect the biological department by clicking on "Sektion Biologie".


To finally see a list of all elective MAMBE courses click on "MAMBE" ...

Then click on MAMBE

... and follow the further instructions to elect your chosen course.