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Further info - F.A.Q.

Here we list frequently asked questions. Please click on the question for more information.

When you have been accepted ...

Some of the highly motivated MAMBE students started the "freshmen program" in order to support new MAMBE students. Thus, if you have still any questions related to the curriculum or the life in the city of Kiel, please feel free to ask via email.

The freshmen supporters furthermore created a Facebook page which is accessible here.

How to apply for elective modules and register for exams?

Due to some confusion during the past semester we want to inform you how you have to apply for modules and register for exams:

  • Application for modules
    You just have to apply for elective modules! Please visit the LSF site and follow the instructions below.
  • Registration for exams
    Depending on your course, there are two different ways how you have to register for exams. Please see comments below for more info.

Application for modules (electives only!)

Please follow the instructions we collected here.

Registration for exams

If you just want to register for the exam of an elective module, you can use this formular or search for the MAMBE formular here. Please fill it in and hand it to the examination office.

For exams of mandatory courses, you have to register via the LSF site. Please elect "Administration of exams" after your login and chose "Examination Applications". Complete your registration by following the instructions.

Where can I find additional information about courses?

You can find further info (e.g. on course times, lecturers, rooms, etc.)  at Univis.

Where do I find the examination office?

The examination office (German: "Prüfungsamt") is found in Room E50 and E51 on the ground floor of the Biology center. If you have any questions regarding registration for an exam of a particular course, please feel free to ask someone at the office directly or via this email. Further information (e.g., regarding opening hours) can be found following this link.

Where may I find the examination regulations and the examination procedure regulations

For both examination regulations (German "Fachprüfungsordnung") and examination procedure regulations (German "Prüfungsverfahrensordnung") there are two versions - an English version and a German version. Only the German version is legally binding.

Semester fees - where and when to pay? Who may I ask for if something went wrong?

The semester fees at Kiel University are in comparison to other universities quite low. You have to pay them for each semester in advance:

  • between 2nd January and 1st February for the summer term and
  • between 1st June to 30th June for the winter term.

The bank transfer document (with your matriculation number as subject) serves as your re-registration.

If you should have missed the dates mentioned above, then you can pay your tuition fees together with a service fee at the student's service office (Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4, no. 85 on campus map).

Please have a look at this site for more details about the re-registration process.

Where's the student's service office/international center?

Both are located on campus near the intersection of the Olshausenstraße with the Westring (cf. campus map). While the student's service office is located at the Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4 (CAP4, no. 85 in campus map), the international center is located in the building of Westring 400 (no. 65 in campus map).

Is there any further information (course times, responsible persons, rooms)

You can find further information in the information system of the Kiel University (UnivIS).

I've read something about the "Semester-Ticket". What is it?

For your semester fee you'll also obtain a ticket that allows you to use public transport (buses and trains) in Kiel and its periphery without any further charges. More information is summerized here.

What is the "Kieler Woche"?

The Kiel Week (German "Kieler Woche") is an annual sailing regatta combined with a one-week fair. It is very popular among students as many famous artists and bands are performing during the week. In fact, it is one of the biggest sailing competitions in Europe and also one of the biggest party events in Germany, supposedly bigger than the Bavarian Oktoberfest. On the official website of the Kiel Week you may find a detailed program.

Whom may I contact if I have additonal questions?

Please use the MAMBE email if you have any questions regarding the study curriculum!