Sektion Biologie


Many thanks for your interest in the MAMBE program! Please don't hesitate to send us an email (, if there are still open questions.

If you are interested in joining this unique master curriculum, then you are welcome to apply with the below listed documents:

  • Bachelor certificate (Bachelor of Science) in Biology or Bachelor certificate of a related subject (the final grade should be better than 2.5 or among the top 30% marks according to the ECTS Grading Table, cf. ECTS User's Guide, European Communities 2009). If you did not yet receive the final certificate, then please include a preliminary certificate with an overview of completed courses, marks, and ECTS.

  • Document confirming your proficiency in English, such as:
    • Confirmation of 8 years of English in secondary school (Sekundarstufe I & II for German applicants) OR
    • Confirmation of a school or university stay of at least 6 months in an English-speaking country OR
    • One of following English tests:
      • TOEFL® ITP (Paper-based test): ≥ 580 points
      • TOEFL® iBT (Internet-based test): ≥ 90 points
      • IELTS 6.5 (no part worse than 6.0)
      • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
      • Comparable test
  • Questionnaire - please provide answers in written form on no more than 2 pages on the following questions:

    • Which topics/courses do you find interesing in the MAMBE curriculum? Please briefly explain 1 - 2 examples.

    • What is your theoretical background in evolutionary biology and/or molecular biology? Please briefly explain 1 - 2 examples.

    • What is your experience in experimental or empirical research in evolutionary biology and/or molecular biology. Please briefly explain 1 example.

    • Which topic would you consider for a possible Master project? Please briefly explain 1 example.

  • Curriculum vitae (concise overview, no more than 2 pages)

The application period is from February 1 to July 15 every year.

Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible within the application period. The MAMBE committee will evaluate applications continuously and inform the applicants about their suitability as fast as possible.

Note that the application procedure for German and non-German students differ.

All German students can apply directly by sending the above listed documents together with a scan of the completed form for suitability assessment (see here) to the MAMBE email using this form.

All non-German applicants must submit the above listed documents via uni-assist in Berlin. It is important that you fill in and submit the online application form and additionally send your application documents via postal mail to uni-assist. To apply ONLY online is NOT sufficient!

Here is the link to uni-assist:

Here is the postal address for uni-assist:

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D–11507 Berlin

Here is additional information on the application procedure from Kiel University:

All applications received by the dead-line (15th July) will be checked for formal criteria (complete documents, final mark of Bachelor certificate, English proficiency). As soon as a decision was made, you'll receive an acceptance (permission) letter. With that letter you'll be able to register either at the student service office (if you are a German applicant) or at the International Center (as a non-German student). Depending on your citizenship, the selection process during MAMBE application and the subsequent steps differ slightly, as is shown below: