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biol-550 Final Year Project for Exchange Students in Biology

Modul number: biol 550
Modul name: Final Year Project for Exchange Students in Biology
Course(s) of Studies:
Exchange Students (not-for-degree students) in Biology
Annually: summer semester
Responsible Professor:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bilger,

Examination Board Chairman

Fon +++49 431 880-4289, Email:
Advice for the Module:

Prof. Dr. Margret Sauter, Botanical Institute,

431 880-4210, Email:
Name of Class / Lecturer:

Final Year Project (Practical Work)

Lecturers in Biology
Depending on selection criteria from sending institution

Desired knowledge:

Advanced level in at least one of the following fields: biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, microbiology, physiology, morphology, ecology, biotechnology
Language: English
Number of Places: 3
3 months
Workload: Laboratory Work: 90 h
Data Analysis: 90 h
Literature Work / Self Study: 70 h
Preparation of Oral Presentation: 20 h
Preparation of Report: 90 h

Written Report (60% of final mark)

Oral Presentation (15% of final mark)

Bench work assessment (25% of final mark)

Exam language: English

Relevance for final B.Sc. marks: depending on rules of sending institution
European Credit Points: 12
Goals: Conduct a small, self-contained research project in biology.
Contents: depending on project
Key Qualifications: self management
practical skills
literature work
scientific writing
oral presentation skills
Literature: depending on project
Further Remarks: The module is designed for Exchange Students from the Department of Biology and Chemistry at City University Hong Kong (BCH-CityU) in the framework of a bilateral exchange agreement. It may be used for other exchange students if applicable. The 12 ECTS credits are equivalent to 6 Credits in the BCH-CityU system.