Sektion Biologie

How to apply for elective modules and register for exams?

Due to some confusion during the past semester we want to inform you how you have to apply for modules and register for exams:

  • Application for modules
    You just have to apply for elective modules! Please visit the LSF site and follow the instructions below.
  • Registration for exams
    Depending on your course, there are two different ways how you have to register for exams. Please see comments below for more info.

Application for modules (electives only!)

Please follow the instructions we collected here.

Registration for exams

If you just want to register for the exam of an elective module, you can use this formular or search for the MAMBE formular here. Please fill it in and hand it to the examination office.

For exams of mandatory courses, you have to register via the LSF site. Please elect "Administration of exams" after your login and chose "Examination Applications". Complete your registration by following the instructions.